Design + Build

Project Management

Our project management process is extensive and meticulous. From ensuring site maintenance is up to code, to managing subcontractors or interacting with city officials, our team of experts will ensure that every aspect of your build is flawless.

Our build management services include project management, risk management services, project controls, commissioning and start up, subcontractor outreach, closeout, design management, self-performance, and many more.

We provide a unified and comprehensive construction management approach to ensure the success of each project. Our experienced project managers work closely with each client and consultant teams while maintaining a specific focus on risk management and identifying best strategies to ensure project success. For each project, we identify any potential construction challenges and create corresponding solutions to ensure efficient and transparent project delivery. Moreover, we ensure detailed oversight of the project timeline and scheduling, budget management and the implementation of strict safety standards.

Our consistent and reliable working approach involves the following steps:

  • Defining the objectives of each project and determining the optimal ways to achieve them.
  • Creating a project plan and timeline to organize our expertise and resources to successfully achieve our pre-defined objectives.

Implementation of our selected strategies with the goal of successful delivery while constantly monitoring the process.

Custom Design Project

At CANDO Homes, our expert design consultants and trade contractors work closely with each client to deliver innovative, custom solutions to fit their individual requirements and ensure successful outcomes.

Our extensive construction expertise enables us to consult and guide our clients through each step of their custom design projects, ensuring the best possible integration of architectural design, engineering, construction as well as interior design and finishing details.We consider each custom design project as a unique masterpiece, and ensure that it is suited to our clients’ needs and requirements.

Moreover, our integrated and comprehensive approach allows timely project delivery that fits within each client’s budget. We take each detail into consideration, and during the construction phase of the project, our project managers provide close supervision and management of your project, and our team of Ontario’s leading designers, contractors and artisans deliver optimal results and help to transform our clients’ vision into reality.

Our experienced project manager is ready to provide free consultation, Are you ready?