Land Purchase

At CANDO Homes, we are specialized in all aspects of residential land development and acquisition, including site selection and pre-acquisition due diligence. Land acquisition can be a complex process to navigate, and requires specialized knowledge. Our team of experts will help you throughout each step of the land acquisition journey to help you make the best and most informed decision.

To ensure the success of a construction project, it is important to ensure that the right permits and acquisitions are filed and granted. Our team of experienced and highly skilled land and permit specialists secure all of the required permits in a timely manner.

Location Sourcing

As part of our offered services, we provide an expert review of available acquisition opportunities to help our clients find the perfect fit for their building requirements.

Feasibility Studies

Our panel of experts carries out feasibility studies to support new land acquisition. This includes zoning feasibility studies, as well as evaluating architectural and interior design costs, defining the construction scope of work and construction pricing.


Planning & Development Approval

We can also help you with processes such as land use re-designation, re-zoning, site plan control and subdivision registration, as well as evaluation and management of development and cost sharing agreements.

Our experienced project manager is ready to provide free consultation, Are you ready?